DJ CHiEF – Close to the Edge “The Message” Remix & Instrumental

DJ CHiEF’s throwin’ down another chunk of Bboy Breaks with his remix of ‘The Message’ by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five! The drums on his fresh take on the all-time classic are as on point as ever and add to the high;y infectious and addictive feel of his quality remix. There’s also an instrumental that accompanies the remix but to get that you have to subscribe to DJ CHiEF’s label Bboysounds Black Label Breaks for $12 a year which, when you take into account includes 10 of his releases from his back catalogue and every future release on his label, means it’s a deal you want to be making, especially as there’s always a steady stream music rolling off its production line.


Download DJ CHiEF’s remix here on Bandcamp.


Links for DJ CHiEF :

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