DJ Deluxe ‘I Rose’

Next up on Lazarus is a full album from label boss, DJ Deluxe. ‘I
Rose’ is 10 tracks of high octane Hardcore mayhem you don’t want to

‘Just A Game’ is the electric shock opener to the album, a hyper
vigilant, mega uplifting slice of DnB/Hardcore with roaring bass,
happy af synths, ruff raps and diva vox that will get your body
popping! ‘Everybody’ goes oldskool/hardcore breaks with call and
response vox, rushy Italo piano and the famous ‘Kicking In The Beat’
vocal, a track that will totally lift you out of the doldrums with
it’s combo of rolling breaks, pianos and fierce hoovers!

‘Number One Levels’ is the DJ Deluxe ode to aviici where a popular
tune from the gone to soon EDM producer gets the UK Hardcore treatment
which suits it better than perhaps the original itself. The sped up
pianos and bright bold synth stabs certainly work at the UK Hardcore

‘So Soothing’gives True Faith/Pin Up Girls a bouncey Hardcore new coat
of paint with some DnB mixed in. Its high NRG stabs, pianos and 90s
rave synths all the way on this fireball of a tune!

‘POW!!!’ throws up ton of classic rave samples over fast breakbeats
and hyper happy stabby piano and bass face basslines to twist, contort
and gurn like a goodun too!!!

‘Examples of Samples’ returns to the Hardcore Breaks tempo with cool
scratches and Raps, filthy wobs and Landlord riffs that combine to
make a combustible atmosphere of fun!

‘Noise’ (Fuckin’ Filthy) is tongue in cheek hardcore mayhem with
pummelling beats, Grime vox and manic high pitch LFOS perfect for the
Bangface ravers!

‘Castaway’ has the characteristics of a late 90s Hardcore tune
utilising the Ultramagnetic MCs break at ultra high speed along with a
busy amen break, melodic piano and a male vocal similar to Darren
Styles. The track progresses nicely into a full on 93-94 Hardcore stab
section before those power pianos kick in once again.

‘Expletive Not Deleted’is out and out raucous hyper-speed Breakcore
with a mixture of Slipmatt circa 96 stabs and more of those mind
bending LFOs, uplifting chords and whoops with nice half time
breakdowns.A great blend of the old and new of rave.

‘Right Here’ is the third track in a more oldskool vein making great
use of the ‘spread love’ vocal with some nice House music influenced
piano and 1992 Hardcore hoovers aplenty!!

Get this excellent all shades of Rave LP from Bandcamp

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