DJ Enfusion (Feat Pegasus)-Fever EP

4 tracks of deep, deadly and dynamic jungle from DJ Enfusion on the Sub Code Imprint!

This intense workout begins with ‘Fever.’ Straight off the starting block, this track delivers a sucker punch of fiery Techno synths and deep rumbles. The track continues like a round of Road Rash, delivering musical knock out blows with powerhouse drums and chest pounding Reese bass.

Up next, ‘Jungle Bass’, a 1996 style roller that echoes classics like Andy C’s ‘Cool Down’ through intricate drumbeats and a rainforest like atmos, ideal for working up a natural rush on the dancefloor

‘Jungle Village’ builds a deep, almost ambient melody around complex, ricocheting beats. Divas wail and moan while subs burst in succession like unremitting gunfire. If this tune was a physical weapon, it would be a rocket launcher!

Enfusion & Pegasus team up for ‘Revenant.’ A beautiful cinematic string section gently morphs into a brooding liquid roller with crisp, cut up amens and deep throbbing stabs.

From 96′ inspired roll-outs to oldskool intelligent jungle, this EP is rich with musicality and weighty when it comes to beats and basslines!

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