DJ Enfusion – Fluctuations E.P

From the darkest enclaves of the Jungle emerges DJ Enfusion with the ‘Fluctuations’ EP on Sub Code Records. You will immediately turn to the darkside upon listening to this EP!

Side A1 on this spine chilling vinyl release is called ‘Dubness’, a truly terrifying demonstration of insane amen break splicing and slasher level synths. Just like Arnie, this tune will ram into your stomach and break your spine! Not only that, you will love it! As dark as dark gets, ‘Dubness’ is wall to wall menacing bass and skull busting breaks with a nod to 1993 era ‘darkcore’

A2 is the title track and for this one, we move forward a bit into 1997 territory. A rolling 2 step beat with mystery filled keys that evolve into a Roni Size esque jazzy journey of dreamy keys, busy percussion and continued progression, a perfect dreamtime roller for smoke-filled dancefloors.

It’s time to turn the record over for side B and B1 ‘Haunted’ brings the late 90s Metalheadz darkness in abundance. A tension filled burst of eerie strings and horns set to rapid fire breaks. Ethereal and as the title rightly suggests, deeply haunting! Yet more proof of the depth and musical brilliance of the jungle sound, a film score of a tune.

B2 ‘Ways To Die’ pays homage to the 95/96 sound while doubling up as a breakbeat masterclass. A tough Ragga rhythm fortified by some incredible drum programming, pounding sub frequencies and rave bleeps that will satisfy every true oldskool head and junglist.

DJ Enfusion reminds us just how great the 90s were, how ground breaking the production skills of the golden era jungle producers were and how timeless the original jungle sound is to this day.

Purchase DJ Enfusion ‘Fluctuations E.P’ and all Sub Code releases from the official Sub Code Bandcamp page

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