DJ Food – Acid Valentine – 45 Live Promo Mix

DJ Food has gone all-out on his brand new ‘Acid Valentine’ promo mix that has been created to complement and coincide with the release of Type-303‘s brand new 7″ vinyl EP ‘Sticky Disko’ on 45 Live Records. Of course, the two new high-grade Acid House weapons by Type-303 feature in his mix which makes them the most recent pieces of music in his mix, but, as you’ll see from the tracklist below, we’re taken back as far as 1987 for the proper old-skool acid experience. One thing I particularly enjoy about the mix is that the music has not been laid out in chronological order, which makes for an interesting listen and leaves you wondering which acid-drenched corner you’re heading around next. If Acid House and rave influenced music is your thing, this mix is one you’ll treasure for a long, long time!

If you’d prefer to listen to Type-303’s two new tracks on their own, check them out here:

Buy the ‘Sticky Disko’ EP digitally or on 7″ vinyl here.


DJ Food’s Tracklist

Marshall Applewhite – Crunching (Yo Sucka) 2015
Acid Witch – No Escape (Yo Sucka) 2015
Bam Bam – Where’s Your Child (Suck Mix) (Desire) 1988
Type 303 – Analogue Acidbath (45 Live) 2020
Happopumpu – Ascetic Circumstances (no label) 2019
Adonis – Do It Properly ‘The Adonis Bootleg’ (London) 1987
Solenoid – Pharaoh Acid (Community Library) 2013
Dim DJ – Aerotrak (Kinetik) 2013
Maurice – This Is Acid (A New Dance Craze) (K&T Mix) (A&M) 1988
Longsy D – This Is Ska (Dub Mix) (Big One) 1989
Type 303 – Sticky Disko (45 Live) 2020
Modulator – Boomerang (Analog) 2017
Tyree – Acid Over (FFRR) 1988
Chevron – Smud (Balkan Vinyl) 2019
Mr. Lee – Pump Up London (A&M) 1988
Acid Witch – Acid Witch Theme 2015
Acid Floor – Goja3 (Psychocandies) 2012
The Party Boy – The Twilight Zone (Urban) 1988
The Hidden Figure – Silhouettes (Exalt Records) 2019
A Guy Called Gerald – Arcade Fantasy (Rham) 1988
The Hidden Figure – Cipherer (Exalt Records) 2019

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