DJ Jedi – Dance The Night Away – Let The Music

DJ Jedi will make you dance the night away with 2 130bpm rave bangers out on Return of the Vibe!

DJ Jedi takes us back to the sounds we loved and still love, the sounds that refuse to die! ‘Dance The Night Away’ is grounded in the spine tingling euphoria of early rave classics by the likes of Dream Frequency and Sy-Kick. The beats sweep you up while the piano takes you to cloud 9 and the oldskool stabs make sure you don’t come down!

‘Let The Music’ opens with original Hardcore style breaks mixed in with punchy Eurodance/Rave stab patterns. A catchy vocal refrain (some of you might know it!) carries the action into a massive section of 92 style piano followed by some rugged Techno riffage. It’s a case of let the music make you dance the night away!

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