DJ Revive-Just Dance EP

4 The Core is putting out a vinyl release! 3 DJ Revive tracks and a remix from Kniteforce boss, Luna C!

Did Revive just invent Neo 4 Beat
Hardcore with the wonderfully off-kilter stabby 95 Hardcore of ‘Just Dance?’ It’s mid 90s Happy Hardcore with all the trimmings-stompy
beats, amen breaks, Ragga style synth stabs and piano but with a quirky twist.

The frantic burst of piano on ‘Pride’ are truly exhilarating as are the diva vocals, cut up breaks, pounding drum beats and that manic mid section and the cool breakdown sequence with Rap vox, cut up beats and rewinds!!!

‘Out Of My Life’ goes in Euro Rave style with some DJ Seduction circa
96 roof raising riffs, oldskool hoovers (think T99) and melodic drops.

Luna C takes ‘Just Dance’ into 1992 with scratches, chuggy oldskool
breaks and bleeps and happy piano on the dreamy scale with shots of
‘Cubik’ style gnarly Techno riffs.

At only 200 copies, you will want to snap this up very quickly!!!! Must-have wax from Team 4TCR!

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