DJ Revive-The Crunked Up EP

Second Drop is back with DJ Revive in the steering seat. For your journey, please enjoy 5 stomping Hardcore bangers!

Groovin’ is the kind of all out mayhem that lights up the rave!!! Familiar samples, hectic beats and happy vibes all the way!

Get Crunk kicks it 96 style with a catchy Happy Hardcore riff and catchy oldskool Hip Hop rhymes that call back to a really fun era in Hardcore history!

The Power gets seriously stabby with nods to The Prodigy and 92′ Hardcore, even a wee bit of Scots early rave!

Feel The Vibe flips the 4Beat formula for an atmospheric driving offering that builds into a colossal rave riff and somewhat darker aesthetics.

Friction takes it back to the 95′ sound, tough, uplifting and true to the sound. DJ Revive quite literally revives Happy Hardcore, making it fresh and just as anarchic as it was back in the day!

Available on vinyl with digital at Kniteforce Revolution while stocks last!

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