Dj Sy & Dj Demo – Deeper (Galvatron Remix)

UK DJ/producer, Galvatron, has been reliving his youth somewhat by connecting with is old skool breakbeat hardcore/happy hardcore collection once again and after discovering a mix by DJ Demo from 1998, the hunger to remix a track from that era became to intense to ignore and the hunt was on.

The track that stood out the most for him and the one to be selected for a Galvatron remix is DJ SY and DJ Demo’s rave classic ‘Deeper’ and by crikey has he gone to town with this one! A complete Jungle overhaul has taken place and if the remix was released back in the day, the term ‘raw as f*ck’ would have been branded on it’s ass! Insane drums, dirty bassline business and the essence of the original still firmly in place and you have a track that can move any mountain.


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