Djar One – Tequila B/W I’m A Believer (7″ Vinyl) (Beats House Records)

Djar One always brings the heat when he releases new music and the two tracks found on his latest 7″ vinyl release have the speakers on the ward smouldering after a damn good blast of them both! The classic Chicano Rock anthem Tequila gets a fever-inducing Funky Breaks makeover while the classic Soul anthem I’m A Believer gets delivered with a Big Beat twist that’s equally as infectious. I can’t help but think how good these tracks would sound blasting out a proper sound system at a packed party, but thankfully the sadness of not being able to experience that is somewhat lessened by the positivity that rages within each track.

At the time of posting this, there are currently 25 7″‘s left in stock, after that, it’s digital-only.


Buy both tracks here on Bandcamp.


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