DMX Krew- Glad To Be Sad

DMX Krew’s 3rd album for Hypercolour is a rich tapestry of electro, electronica and deep techno that enriches the ears

‘Glad To Be Sad’ is a great long player to stick on and get immersed into. ‘Shell Game’ sets the mood with a brief but deep blast of beatless bass. ‘Spare Parts’ progresses at an amazing rate from melodic acid/electro into something altogether different, more progressive and fluidly brilliant. ‘Gate Output’ revels in a dark Sci-Fi inspired bleepy acid soundscape. ‘Mystic Revelation’ is a dark raver’s anthem with spooky choral stabs and horror filled bleeps and 303 squelches.

‘Dark Moon’ is melancholic electro-soul, crafted with machine love. ‘Drum Machine Pt.2’ harks back to the days of experimental 80s gems like ‘Al Naafiysh’, a rolling groove consisting of minimal beats and deep melodies. ‘Metal Mod Beat’ and ‘MR10stery’ speak to the crunchy experimentalism of Aphex Twin and early Warp material.

‘Jagged’ twists and turns like a true underground 80s acid house jacker. ‘NP-Hard’ swims in Grime, Jungle and Electronica infested musical waters with a eerie intensity. ‘Non Entity’ defiantly flaunts genre constraint for a fascinating brew of dub techno/broken techno. ‘Winter Dance’ finishes off this LP with a funky downtempo/Hip Hop instrumental flourish. Now all that remains is to go back to the first track, kick back and enjoy the vibes all over again and again!

Out 01/03/19. Pre-Order From Bandcamp

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