DnB Tracks You Need To Hear 07.12.18

The DnB tracks you need to hear! From Subp Yao, Hybris, & Chris.SU


Subp Yao-Let ’em Drown & Bubbles (MethLab)

‘Let ’em Drown’ is a fascinating wall of sound-spacious, dubby, experimental, LOUD and as submersive as the title suggests!

‘Bubbles’ is crunchy, heavy hitting and 110% on point for those who are serious about their beats!



Hybris – NOT BUG EP (Pseudoscience Recordings)

When Techno me DnB, it made ‘Not Bug.’ The beats pummel, the trippy keys twist the brain, get lost in this musical whirlwind and enjoy the ride!



Chris.SU-Without You EP (FATE Recordings)

Heartfelt and powerful vocals meet the satisfying bass slam of ‘Without You’ Ft Fedora. ‘Tension’ has plenty of it’s namesake, a blissful blend of the deep and the rough! ‘Raindust’ and the liquid mix of ‘Without You’ provide the warm midsummer heat to get us through the cold winter!


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