Don Johnston-July EP

Summery Glitch Hop funky beats from Don Johnston with the ‘July’ EP

Don Johnson’s new EP is pure sun-baked feel good funk from start to end. The opener, ‘If I Can’t Have You’ with Electric Spank cooks up a festival feast with wah wah guitars, bass, horns and a sweet, sassy vocal. ‘Rising’ Ft Mazrah has more of a roots reggae leaning combined with double phat electro bass, off kilter beats, flutes and a forlorn vocal perfect for stargazers.

‘Don’t Think’ with Electric Spank is a slammin’ jammin’ slice of disco-funk with cool guitar leads and a chunky 4×4 beat. ‘Rhythm Stops’ with Pattern Pusher bursts with a big band vibe and finger lickin’ Hip Hop beats. ‘Devious’ with Chris Watts slips into deep/progressive house territories, you could hear this in the mix with tracks by Elderbrook and Icarus. The final track, ‘Third Time Lucky’ with Dill Master Fresh mixes up Latin tinged sounds with a heavy load of glitchiness for an explosive finale to the EP. This is a daaamn good release, and that’s the bottom line!

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