Double Bubble – Ridiculous & Show Me EP + Remixes (Breakbeat Paradise)

Up next on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings comes a brand new EP from the newly-formed Nottingham based production duo Double Bubble. James Green aka Toy Beats and Julian James aka n0pez are the two producers who have teamed up to go on a new music mission that will see them explore their loves for Hip Hop, Funk, Disco, House and Breakbeat to the fullest.

The new 4 track release from Double Bubble serves up two high-class tracks from themselves, along with an equally decent remix of each of those tracks. ‘Ridiculous’ feat. Kurnel MC is the first of the tracks from DB and this slab of intergalactic Hip Hop will workout those neck muscles as the head nods along uncontrollably to the steezy beats and cool funky flow. ‘Show Me’ follows and this time the funkiness comes supercharged and ready for the dancefloor which is exactly where this 4/4 led show-stopper deserves to be.

The two remixes come from two producers who are no strangers to us here at LSM, Gramophone Soul and Rory Hoy! Gramophone Soul takes on ‘Ridiculous’ and lays down a seriously funky bassline while bringing distinct Disco flavour to his impressive remix. Rory Hoy tackles ‘Show Me’ with tasty synths and the kind of funky Big Beat twist we’ve come to love him for! Body movin’, body groovin’ business!

With so many strong tracks on this release, it could well be one of BBP’s biggest yet!


Buy all of the music here on Juno.


Links for Double Bubble :

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