Dr Freebs-Curious

Dr Freebs’ ‘Curious’ is a gorgeous slice of chill with three classy House music mixes from Aural Imbalance, A P Organism & Sanderson Dear

‘Curious’in original form is an 8 min plus opus of oceanic ambience with mesmeric synths, floating keys and a gradual, luscious build up of minimal beats.¬†Aural Imbalance teases out a lengthy, oceanic intro before dropping into a sublime slice of early a.m dream house. The A P Organism Orange Sunshine adds in some subtle 4×4 beats for a deeper than deep House & broken beats, Hazy guitar strings swim around a gentle sea of warm dub.¬†Sanderson Dear injects some Detroit inspired soundscapes into this wonderful composition. This final remix has the feel of early Mr Fingers, an early morning, mellow groove with crunchy analogue style drums and buckets of ethereal warmth and atmos.

Due out 06 05 19 on http://movementinsound.com/dept/~within-records/


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