Dr Rubberfunk – Come Back Breaker / Beats Working 7″ Vinyl Release (Jalapeno Records)

Come Back Breaker and Beats Working are two tracks that featured on Dr Rubberfunk‘s debut release on Jalapeno Records back in 2008. Such is the stance of the Breakbeats on both tracks, B-girls and B-boys have been flinging themselves around and around for years now while being all hyped up on the funky beats and basslines both generously dish out. Because of the popularity of both tracks, the decision was made to release them on 7″ vinyl, which will only come as great news to those collectors of high-quality and highly-prized 45s. For those that like to get creative, there’s even a bonus beats track taken from his original drum sessions tapes. With nothing much more left to say, if you can, go and get your copy now because they’ll be getting snapped up left, right and centre!


Buy your copy here on Bandcamp.


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