DS1-Beats Like This EP

DS1 drops some pure 1991 rave mayhem on the ‘Beats Like This EP’

For pure out and out 91 style rave mayhem, look no further than ‘Beats Like These’ by DS1. The track lurches with at the speakers with breaks like an avalanche and a progression of angry synth stabs that keep changing all the way through, making this one of the best put together hardcore revival tunes you will here

‘The Champion’ has the vibe of early Bay B Kane with gentle guitar riffs opening things up alongside a rumbling oldskool sub. It’s not long before things slip into a half time breakdown and switch back into some smokey jungle tekno straight from a London high rise illegal broadcast

‘Don’t Change Your Mind’ powers along with chunky Amen breaks and moody riffs before breaking out into some gorgeous happy hardcore piano. More familiar sounds follow that will please oldskool fans no end before more soulful strings kick in

‘Here It Comes’ is a hardcore techno banger for the ages bearing striking similarities to some of Scott Brown’s early material. There’s so much going on in this frantically fun track from a barrage of positively insane synth action to the odd cheeky cowbell right through to the dreamlike piano breakdown

More than just retro rave, this is an early contender for the best of 2020 with quality production and plenty of depth to each track, no repetitive tunes here good sir, just top quality Breakbeat Hardcore

Be quick to purchase as there are 200 copies only, never to repress. £7.99 for the first week. 8 tracks for the first week – 4 on vinyl, 4 digital

Pre Sale Starts 27 01 2020 on the Kniteforce Bandcamp

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