Echo Knight – Holy Grail (Knightlife)

Echo Knight is a producer who takes no prisoners with his Bass House sound. Many a sound system has earned its keep when his music has been pumped through it and once those sound systems strike up again, his new free track Holy Grail will definitely have them earning their keep once again. Sampling a famous Monty Python film, the thundering beats and growling bassline are sure to give life to the limbs and recall the mind to a time where they were not just used for the daily chores or work, but dancing!

Holy Grail is the first track to be released on Echo Knight’s new label Knightlife and the penultimate one under his Echo Knight alias. As time moves on, he thought he would too and when his final tune drops later in the year, Echo Knight will be no more. Do not despair if you are a fan of his though because he will be back in the new year under a new alias with lots of new music from the projects he is working on. While we’re not sure about his new musical direction, we’re certain it’ll make as much of an impact as his Echo Knight music has done over the last few years.


Download Holy Grail for free here.


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