Echo Knight – Xscape / Games

When it comes UK Bass music, there’s not many doing it better than Echo Knight right now! Just take these two new earth-shattering tracks ‘Xscape’ and ‘Games’ from him as an example of this talented producers work and blown away you will be!

‘Xscape’ is Echo Knights hommage to the peace, love, and unity rave days of the 90’s. Crisp, sharp broken beats are accompanied by old-skool keys, ravey stabs and crowd fx that somehow manage to transport your mind right into the heart of the dance floor and ‘avin with the rest of the ravers. ‘Games’ is a proper bruiser that flips between 4/4 beats and Jungle influenced Breakbeats and has an immense and imposing bassline that’ll sound so good when played very, very loud, so you know what to do folks, light up those speakers!



Buy both tracks here from various online stores.


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