ELDON – Play That EP

Love House music? Then you need to hear ELDON’s new EP on Criminal Hype!

ELDON comes up with the goods on an incredible 3 track EP on Criminal Hype. ‘Got Me’ features a snappy vocal with deep stabby chords and a firm beat made for shaking the room! Check out our soundcloud premiere above and huge thanks to ELDON & Criminal Hype for letting us host the premiere!

‘Play That’ sounds like Inner City with a 90s style vocal singing an ode to the DJ. The highly addictive lead on this track speaks to the original House sound of the 80s freshly revibed ready to crossover to the radio.

‘Tried’ goes down the 2am rabbit hole with twisted pads and manipulated vox and Tech House buzzes and whirls to complete a high bar release from a highly talented housemaster!

ELDON ‘Play That’ EP is out on Criminal Hype 15/03/21


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