Elite Force – Remastered Remixes – Volume 1

Simon Shackleton has embarked on some serious musical housekeeping so far this year and while digging deeper into his private collection than he has ever dug before, he rediscovered a large stack of Elite Force remixes that had almost slipped his mind completely. In finding all of the music, he managed to locate a lot of the original, unmastered versions, as recorded to DAT tape and then decided to get to work remastering it all so that every element and every layer was as crisp, as sharp and as captivating as they could be.

Amongst the music Simon found on his spring clean were a bunch of classic Elite Force remixes and after using his extensive skill set, his many years of knowledge and the huge improvements in technology he has at his disposal to make his music shine once more, he presents “Remastered Remixes – Volume 1”. Featuring eight of the best Tech Funk and Breakbeats tracks on the planet, you can expect to hear dancefloor wreckin’ remixes of music by Shiloh, Red Cell, Dylan Rhymes and Madox and as an added bonus, a previously unreleased track from 2001!

As well as the nine tracks on his new album, Simon has also uploaded one of the best tracks he has ever made over on his Bandcamp page and if you’re a fan of “Engine”, you can get your remastered copy of it for free if you so wish! The remastering news doesn’t stop there either because Simon has also been loading up his YouTube page with more Elite Force music and that of his other aliases Zodiac Cartel and Lunatic Calm and a bunch of production tutorial videos on top of all that. If you also add into the equation his newly revamped website where you’ll find music he has made for TV shows, adverts, film and computer games amongst other bits and pieces, there’s more than enough to keep you entertained for a good while, so clear the diary and get stuck in!


Buy ‘Remastered Remixes – Volume 1’ here on Bandcamp.


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