Elite Force – Singles Collection – Part Two (2006 – 2019)

Although a little later than planned, here’s the second instalment of remastered classics from Elite Force on ‘Singles Collection – Part Two (2005 – 2019)’.

It was around 2005 when I first got introduced to Elite Force’s music through a good friend of mine and an instant fan I became. Whilst I was diggin’ the funk and groove dished out by other Breaks producers around that time, nothing got you blowing off some steam on the dancefloor quite like an Elite Force tune did. The groove remained, but a much anarchic force was present in his music and as a massive fan of The Prodigy, that worked for me.

Having attended a lot of Elite Force parties, it was his infamous annual boat parties that live strong in my mind and many of the 19 tracks did in fact soundtrack my summers on an often sweltering cruise down the Thames with 200 others going nuts for 4 hours solid. Highlights from those parties that feature on part two include heavyweights such as ‘The Law Of Life’, ‘Captain America’, ‘Society Suicides’, ‘The Gamechanger’ and a track that ranks as one of my favourite pieces of music I’ve ever listened to ‘Engine’. If you’ve never heard that one before, watch out, it’s a monster! With all of the tracks being given a thorough makeover, the clarity and power shines through like never before and readies them perfectly for their slot on today’s dancefloors.

Simon aka Elite force has released more music since the release of part two of his ‘Singles Collection’, and we will bring you it all over the Christmas holidays. Alternatively, head over to his Bandcamp page on the link below to check it out.


Buy ‘Singles Collection – Part Two (2006 – 2019)’ here on Bandcamp.


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