Elite Force – The Complete Unreleased Revamp Collection

After receiving numerous requests to upload a definitive collection of his Elite Force revamps, Simon Shackleton sat down, rounded up 84 of them and popped them all on one enormous album! As a massive Elite Force fan myself, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I spotted its release, just like some of yours will have done after reading just how many tracks of his you can get your hands on!

As well as there being a decent amount of music on his album that has always been available in the public domain since the day it was released, there’s also a decent amount of unreleased revamps that were created especially for Simon’s boat parties, other sought after rarities like his Block Rockin’ Beats revamp and newer music that was released just last year. You’ll have to part with £30 to get your hands on all the music, but when you bear in mind that you’re getting 84 of the best-produced Breakbeat tracks on the planet, it’s worth every single penny!


Buy The Complete Unreleased Revamp Collection here on Bandcamp.


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