Emphonic – Alebrije / Parfume (Kiosek Records)

Kiosek Records return to the ward with yet another breathtaking release, this time from fellow countryman Emphonic and his two tracks ‘Alebrije’ and ‘Parfume’.

The first of Emphonic’s two tracks ‘Alebrije’ is titled as such and is built around a pretty crazy dream he had which you can read about in the description section of the track on Soundcloud. What you will instantly hear though is a track that begins to unfurl on a progressive Breaks tip. Around the 1:20 mark though, the beats toughen up, the cosmic energy comes and an added vocal hook just gives the track and edgy feel which makes it one of those dual purpose track. It can be experienced through headphones whilst kicking back somewhere extra comfy, or, it could be used to cast a spell over the dancefloor crew as they experience one of those ‘just me and the music’ moments.

‘Parfume’ is a straight out beauty that definitely deserves the headphone treatment because not giving this track your full attention will mean you are missing out. The sensorial experience that is served up from his intensely deep and atmospheric Breaks roller is something to behold.


Buy both tracks here.


Links for Emphonic :

Soundcloud / Website / Mixcloud


Links for Kiosek Records :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Website / Bandcamp / YouTube

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