Fabrikate- Made Me Feel

You don’t need to be a disco lover to love the incredible new album by Fabrikate

Fabrikate weave ultra funky disco samples into a genre hopping blend of sheer brilliance!

The intro to ‘Made Me Feel’ announces with glee that disco never died before exploding the disco inferno with the very Tech House like ‘Its Coming Down’ albeit Tech with a very funky slant

‘Into The Ground’ blends Bass, Garage and bumpy House for a workout you could easily hear in a Solärdo set!

‘Love Was Real’ is toe tapping good soulful disco house that surely deserves a No1 chart position. You would have to be pretty hard hearted not to instantly love this tune!

‘On and On’ combines elements of Afro House with a proper oldskool piano house tune that will get hands clapping and voices singing along

‘Flame’ takes it back to the late 90s funky house with a song to rival Stardust, Modjo, Daft Punk & Sophie Ellis Bexter, trust us, this is pure fire!

‘All Up To Love’ positively aches with soul like Marvin Gaye making House music. Quite simply a MASSIVE slice of jacking house!

Following a brief interlude that sounds like a missing part of a Tarantino movie soundtrack we dive head first into a squelchy, hedonistic dose of acid house in ‘Dutch’

We have another hitmaker with the absolutely gorgeous straight up disco of ‘NYCM’, another deserving contender for a huge mainstream crossover

‘Feelings’ slows it down with a dreamy Chaka Khan style funk groove before things round up with one last chunk of funky house goodness with ‘Ready for me’, a Glitterbox anthem if there ever was one!

Made Me Feel is out 08 November on KooKoo Records. Lead single Love Was Real is out now!

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