Fat Boy Slim – Everybody Needs a 303 (Kid Kenobi Re-Funk) [Free DL]

A couple of weeks ago we shared with you Kid Kenobi’s Acid-heavy Big Beat remix of Fatboy Slim‘s classic Everybody Needs A 303. In that post, we mentioned that Kid Kenobi had another remix up his sleeve and we’re very happy to let you know it has arrived!

Whilst the first remix was one for lovers of broken beats, the remix featured is one that will have House music lovers leaping off their seats to get a piece of the action. Emphasis has been placed on the bassline of the original in this one which was sampled – along with the vocals – from Edwin Starr’s 1977 classic Everybody Needs Love and because the emphasis has been placed there, you’re going to be funkin’ funked up like you’ve never been funked up before! Backing up that groovin’ bassline is a punchy 4/4 kick, snappy percussive elements and a good dollop of acid for good measure. It’s a party weapon you need in your armoury!

Download for free here.

Link for Kid Kenobi :

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