Father Funk – Drum and Bass Bangers + Shambhala 2019 Set

When Father Funk sits down to make Drum and Bass remixes and edits, he’s got one thing on his mind only and that is to cause total mayhem on the dancefloor. Whether it contains Funk, Swing or Reggae influences, you’re guaranteed to have the most amount of fun possible while bouncing around to his music in a completely uncontrollable fashion.

All of that fun and bouncing around can now be experienced for even longer thanks to Father Funk rounding up 12 of his older DnB tracks and popping them on an album with 3 previously unreleased ones to create the exhilarating 15 track album ‘Drum and Bass Bangers’. You can expect to hear classic cuts from him such as his remixes of ‘I Got You’ by James Brown, ‘Beastly’ by Vulfpeck, ‘It’s Not Unusual’ by Tom Jones and what is possibly my favourite Father Funk tune of all time, his remix of Ray Charles‘Shake Your Tail Feather’.

The new music to keep an ear for includes the album opener, a lively and slightly filthy remix of ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag’ by James Brown, the classy, yet wild Swing and Bass sounds on ‘Pussy’ and the Reggae influenced remix of Uzimon‘s ‘The Rum Anthem’ that will have everyone who can hear it skanking their socks off. £3 is all it costs to make all of this music yours and by our reckoning, that a damn good deal!


Buy ‘Drum and Bass Bangers’ here on Bandcamp.


Just when you thought you might have been able to catch your breath for a bit, there’s even more to come from Father Funk as just below is his genre-defying live set from this years Shambhala Music Festival. As always, the biggest and best tunes were selected to grace the mighty Fractal Forest stage and what’s clearly evident is that a seriously good party was had! Download it to keep it forever!



Download Father Funk’s mix here on Hypeddit.


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