Fight Cancer With Paranoid Recordings Latest Vinyl & CD album

We are now definitely in a new golden era of rave music and the ‘Someday EP’ on Paranoid Records is an essential addition to your growing collection of modern classics! You get bangers from JMT, Renegade Genius and Gaffer AND you will be helping the fight against cancer! The 4 track vinyl EP comes with a bonus CD album loaded with bangers! All profits go to Cancer Research UK.

JMT’s ‘Someday’ is a tune that will stir up strong emotions in you, a foundation oldskool anthem to the very core with a powerful piano melody and the famous ‘Someday’ vocals. JMT gets that 91/92 sound spot on and fans of that era and sound will really appreciate this one.

‘Don’t Need Your Love’ has a Liquid vibe with deep, melodic keys and a warm burrowing bassline. A nice horn section towards the end caps off a great slice of deep jungle.

Renegade Genius gives us ‘The Chills’ with an upbeat Hardcore hoover tune featuring vocals from ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ while Gaffer takes us down a darker, heavy bass driven route on ‘Perpetual Energy.’ Both RG and Gaffer’s tracks have a distinct Prodigy feel with some very early rave synth stabs that we don’t hear enough of in 2022 Hardcore!

DJ Beeno kicks things off on the CD with the fast paced ‘Non Stop’, the energy bursts out of everyy note and beat of this tune with multi-layered stabs and strings.

SubXyco’s ‘Dropping Raptors’ is a technical masterclass in Trance flavoured Hardcore Jungle with smooth switches between breaks and strong acid riffs.

Lucas turns in a super addictive slice of Jungle Tekno with the stabby ‘P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D’ while Remnant delivers a hypersonic blast of tear out hardcore on ‘Respect Due’ only for Master Mash to take the baton and run at full speed with the hoover rage of ‘Mashup Soundboy.’

DazzF calls for the ‘Rewind 2 91’ with a scratch sample filled slice of tough Hardcore a la House Crew. Fosta submerses us ‘Into Darkness’ with an eerie Ruffige Kru style banger. Yell O Phase cuts up a storm of hyper speed breaks with a mixture of Techno and Jungle influences seamlessly blended into the mix.

Beats Are Broken brings the ‘Soundboy Madness’ with a stab filled hi-octane slammer that does not let up for a seconds!

Matt Bass supplies the ‘Paranoid Vibes Pt 1’ with a slick slice of Hardcore Junglism powered by soulful synths, Jazzy interludes and crisp breaks. Disc Format will get your hands in the air with the uplifting sounds of ‘Back To The Bass’ before Lucas rounds off a solid CD album with a chilled remix of JMT ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ full of deep, emotive keys to wind us down after all that hardcore madness!!!! One things for sure, these tunes are essential!

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