Finest Wear – Rhythms in Space EP

Life Support Machine has been a constant supporter and believer in Kostas G in all his guises. Never staying in one genre his output has moved between techno, acid house, breaks and beyond. Now he has started a new imprint with Ostrich Records (always try and buy on bandcamp wherever possible as more of the money goes to the musicians) and this the 5th release in a matter of months is a cracker. I’d not heard of Finest Wear before or Mr Cenzo as he sometimes goes by but probably because I’m not a huge follower of Deep House but this really stood out to me. A four track release this shows a good example of what to expect from the label and shows the wide range of Finest Wear.
Track 1: Rhythm In Space is a breakbeat influenced track that channels the ghosts of a long dead warehouse party in the 90s moving from the initial almost Garage like bass beats into early 90s inspired breakbeat and back again in a single track.
Track 2: Mind Control. This track surprises the listener as you hear it. From the original tribal percussion mixed with house beats the track takes the listener on a journey through a dark percussion laden soundscape and builds it up into the drop before taking you into a full on dance work out with strange beautiful insistent synth stabs all interspaced with a low bass hook that reminds me of 90s Orbital ( but that might be just me).
Track 3: Southern Breeze. A much more laid back track for your Sunday afternoon sets just in time for the end of summer (or start… from the weather the UK has had this year).
Track 4:Rhythm In Space (Kostas G Remix) The head of the label shows how the beat goes down with this radical rewriting of the track. It’s a full on breakbeat future classic linking the past breakbeat rhythms with the present sound of bass, bass and more bass…listen to it in headphones loud for the full effect.
I’m looking forward to lots more from Ostrich Records as it’s not stuck in one genre but prefers to release tracks from anyone who is good and adventurous in their sounds…bring it on.

Available to buy 31/8/2021

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