Floyd The Barber – Best Breakbeat Albums Part 1 (1998)

Floyd The Barber has been a very busy boy of late and not in the way you might first think. Instead of making peoples barnets look fly now they can get their do’s done, he has in fact been busy uploading a massive stack of DJ mixes that incorporate his loves of Big Beat on the funky side and the more industrial and rock-heavy side. As well as mixes in his Xbeats and Summer Jams series that are now on volumes ten and seven respectively, Floyd has also uploaded two mixes from his three-part series titled Best Breakbeat Albums and part one is the one I’ve decided to bring you because it’s one I’ve not been able to stop playing!

Floyd’s Best Breakbeat Albums series celebrates many of the best Big Beat and Breakbeat albums that were released in 1998 and for those of us who were ‘living it large’ around that time will know, it was a very special time in the history of electronic music. That statement can be best backed up by the tracks Floyd has selected for his insanely brilliant mix that features 30 tracks from 30 albums that literally rocked the worlds of all who encountered them. If you love Big Beat, you’re gonna love this mix forever!

Once you’ve managed to peel yourself away from this mix, head over and check out the rest of Floyd’s collection of mixes, all of which are available to download for free!


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00:00 Rasmus – Punk Shock [Mass Hysteria]
04:55 Jelly & Fish – Red Jelly [In Too Deep]
09:25 Dub Pistols – Kill the DJ [Point Blank US edition]
12:16 Resonance – Come Around [Resonation]
15:46 Freestylers – Feel The Panic [We Rock Hard]
18:58 The Wiseguys – Start The Commotion [The Antidote]
23:14 Girl Eats Boy – Napalm In Bohemia (Dub Pistols’ Mix) [Comin’ In Loaded]
27:03 Lo-Fidelity Allstars – Kool Roc Bass [How To Operate With A Blown Mind]
31:56 Fatboy Slim – Right here, Right now [You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby]
36:09 Meat Beat Manifesto – Prime Audio Soup [Actual Sounds + Voices]
40:28 Philadelphia Bluntz – Sister Sister [Philadelphia Bluntz]
43:29 Spasmik – Electric Freak [Phunkotron]
47:37 Puddu Varano – Doberboy [Freakuency]
50:06 DJ Icey – Big Ditch [Generate]
54:06 Lionrock – Electric Hairdo [City Delirious]
58:06 Propellerheads – Spybreaks! [Decksandrumsandrockandroll]
01:02:21 Freddy Fresh – What It Is (featuring The Freestylers) [The Last True Family Man]
01:05:05 Southside Reverb – Musical Rush [Breakneck]
01:09:28 Supercharger – Fuck The Quality, Feel The Width [Saturday Night Special]
01:13:10 Terminalhead – Coma Nova [Last Orders… Start The Revolution]
01:16:52 Praga Khan – Look At Me Now [Pragamatic]
01:20:11 Head First – To a Bone [To Da Bone]
01:22:53 Hybernoid – Sentient Beings [Advanced Technology]
01:26:13 Bonobo – Full Stop [Hostile]
01:29:24 Cirrus – Stop & Panic [Back On A Mission]
01:34:29 Capricorn – Shake-Dominate [Lost In Jellywood]
01:38:50 Def Con 6 – Mental Atmosphere (Remix) [Break To The Beat]
01:42:12 Spahn Ranch – The Conversation [Beat Noir]
01:45:32 Rexanthony – Political Attack [Audax]
01:49:18 Boom Boom Satellites – Oneness [Out Loud]

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