Floyd The Barber – Best Big Beat Hits of 90s (part 01-10)

Floyd The Barber continues to roll out Breakbeat and Big Beat mixes at a rapid rate and his newest series ‘Best Big Beat Hits of 90s’ promises to be the biggest of them all! Broken down into 10 parts/volumes, Floyd will serve up 300 Big Beat tracks that he believes to be the best the scene has to offer and after listening to plenty of his other mixes, we’re absolutely certain that the tracks picked for his new series will indeed be the best the Big Beat scene has to offer! The music will be coming from the titans of the scene and those artists who flew a little lower under the radar while still making excellent music. After tirelessly searching through charts, compilations, soundtracks, radio playlists and albums, Floyd has left no stone unturned and the fruits of his labour are apparent right here with part one and also on parts 2 and 3 which you can find over on his Soundcloud page! Knockout selections form a knockout selector.


Download Floyd’s mix here on Soundcloud.


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00:00 Indian Ropeman – Indian Ropeman [Money For Old Rope EP 97]
03:30 Naked Funk – Trango [Evolution Ending LP 98]
07:43 Lo-Fidelity Allstars – Battle Flag [How To Operate With A Blown Mind LP 98]
11:31 Mekon – Phatty’s Lunchbox [Phatty’s Lunchbox EP 94]
14:04 Fatboy Slim – Gangster Tripping [You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby LP 1998]
17:40 Supercharger – We Rock [Wall To Wall Moustache LP 97]
19:51 Bentley Rhythm Ace – Bentleys Gonna Sort You Out! [Bentley Rhythm Ace LP 1997]
23:23 Coldcut – More Beats & Pieces (Daddy Rips It Up Mix) [Let Us Play! LP 97]
27:32 Dirty Beatniks – Don’t Stop (’97 Radio Edit) [Don’t Stop EP 97]
30:53 Midfield General – Devil In Sports Casual (Fatboy Slim’s Does My Beat Look Big In This Mix?) [97]
34:23 Cirrus – Back On A Mission [Back On A Mission LP 98]
37:26 Saint Etienne – Filthy (Monkey Mafia Mix) [Casino Classics LP 96]
42:18 Freestylers – B-Boy Stance (feat Tenor Fly) [We Rock Hard LP 96]
45:09 The Chemical Brothers – Leave Home [Exit Planet Dust LP 95]
48:24 Moby – Bodyrock [Play LP 99]
50:57 Manbreak – Ready or Not (Ben Grosse Kombat Mix) [Mortal Kombat Annihilation VA 97]
53:27 Depth Charge – Shaolin Buddha Finger [Nine Deadly Venoms LP 94]
58:22 LHB – Bad Magic [97]
01:02:19 Fatboy Slim – Praise You [You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby LP 1998]
01:06:04 Monkey Mafia Featuring Patra – Work Mi Body (Chicken Scratch Mix) [96]
01:10:23 LCD – LCD Megamix (Mixed By Aqualite) [Måd Love EP 97]
01:18:22 Eboman – Donuts With Buddah [Sampling Madness 1 EP 96]
01:21:59 The Experiment – The Cost Of Freedom [98]
01:25:20 Ceasefire – Cruising [99]
01:31:02 Naked Funk – Hydrophonic [Evolution Ending LP 98]
01:34:01 Indian Ropeman – Dog In The Piano (Feat. Shahin Badar) [98]
01:36:56 F.C. Kahuna – What Is Kahuna (Fatboy Slim’s ‘Smell The Kahuna’ Mix) [97]
01:41:54 DJ Roughneck – Groove Rider [The Best Dope Cuts, Jazz N’ Poison Breaks Vol.2 LP 99]
01:44:24 Resonance – Come Around [Resonation LP 98]
01:48:01 UNKLE – Rock On (95 Edit) [98]
01:50:24 Mekon feat. Evil B – Let Me Hit ‘Em [Relax With Mekon 00]

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