Floyd The Barber – Best Breakbeat Albums (1999) Part 1

Following his mixes featuring music from 1997 and 1998, Floyd The Barber heads back to 1999 to once again bring us some of the finest Breakbeat and Big Beat tracks from some of the most significant broken beat albums from that year for his latest mix in his Best Breakbeat Albums series. 31 tracks make up his new mix and if you thought the previous ones were epic, this one is easily on par with them! A look through the tracklist will leave you in doubts as to just how heavy things are gonna get, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!


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00:00 LHB – Bad Magic [Dig, You May Find A Friend]
04:40 Indian Ropeman – Dog In The Piano (Feat. Shahin Badar) [Elephantsound]
07:01 Citizen King – Under The Influence [Mobile Estates]
10:19 Jadell – The Organisation [Gentleman Of Leisure]
13:07 Chop Suey – The Boygirl [Coin-Operated Feelings]
17:07 EC Groove Society – Stand Up [Adrenaline Shots]
21:07 Hardwire – Psycho [Fused]
23:59 Danmass – Gotta Learn [FormFreaks]
27:26 Mint Royale – Rock and Roll Bar [On The Ropes]
30:20 Depth Charge – T.D.A [Lust]
32:52 Expansion Union – Shaku [World Wide Funk]
35:29 Cut And Paste – Cut And Paste [Come Unstuck]
39:33 The Merchant Of Menace – Foo Man Choon [Outside Looking Out]
42:53 The Experiment – This Is What Funk Is For [What Goes Up]
46:13 Neo – The Pinkbeat [Eklektogram]
49:49 Pepe Deluxe – Super Sound [Super Sound]
53:27 Killers on the loose – Tamarama Doorslammer [Temple Of Boom]
56:26 Groove Armada – I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Mix) [Vertigo]
01:00:30 Sir Drew – Fatboy [She Woman Cat Type Thang]
01:03:53 Ursula 1000 – I’m Gonna Shock You, Daddy [The Now Sound Of Ursula 1000]
01:06:28 HardKnox – Come In Hard [Hardknox]
01:10:39 Kong – Yellow Mystic [Freakçontrol]
01:13:36 Urban DK – Sole Survivor [Have A Go Hero]
01:17:39 Double Six – Real Good [Beyond Sci-Fi]
01:20:43 Sonic Animation – I Funk Therefore I Am [Orchid For The Afterworld]
01:25:06 Dj Scissorkicks – Clap Yo’ Hands [Video Computer System]
01:28:43 Junkie XL – Dance USA [Big Sounds Of The Drags]
01:31:30 Jacknife Lee – Spermy Daydream [Muy Rico!]
01:34:30 Beck – Sexx Laws [Midnite Vultures]
01:37:38 Fuzz Townshend – Tasty Big Ed [Far In]
01:41:29 Apollo Four Forty – Stop The Rock [Gettin’ High On Your Own Supply]

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