Fort Knox Five – DC’s Finest Volume 1

Like so many other music makers out there, Fort Knox Five have found that with plenty of time on their hands, it’s high-time a thorough spring clean of their archives was undertaken to find out just what music is actually in there. In FK5’s case, they have stumbled upon a treasure trove of mixes from 2006 that features music from the DC’s Finest branch of their operations where insanely brilliant mashups, edits and remixes are conjured up and created.

In total, 4 mixes have been rediscovered and once each mix has been released, an album featuring all of the music found in the tracklists will pop up on Bandcamp so that everyone can own it all! If your excitement levels are rising fast at the prospect of getting your hands on a stack of quality tunes there even more good news because FK5 are, for the very first time, giving all of the music away for free! You can, however, pay what you like on Bandcamp and with your favourite artists struggling because of their gigs and festival shows being cancelled till who knows when, donations are always gratefully received if it’s possible for you to do so.

The DC’s Finest Volume 1 mix is available to own over on Bandcamp along with the 13 classic FK5 cuts on offer. Fans of FK5 will no doubt be drooling over the tracklist below, but if you’re looking for some pointers before you dive in head first, check out Another Message to Rudy, It’s A Rubix Thing, The Notorious MessageLauren Don’t Tek No and Gorrilaz Got Soul. Once you’ve listened to those beauties, you’ll want nothing more than to check out the whole album I’m sure.

Volumes 2, 3 and 4 are pretty much ready to be rolled out, so get stuck volume 1 and keep on funkin’!


Find all of the music here on Bandcamp.


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Intro – And Now Ladies & Gentlemen
Drum Pan Sound
Under Mi Sensi
Another Message to Rudy
Average White 5
Its Rubix Thang
I Know Kung Fu
Notorious Message
Our Definition
Lauren Don’t Tek No
Gorillaz Got Soul
For What Its Worth
Outro -Party’s Over

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