Fort Knox Five – Funk The World 60

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Fort Knox Five here at LSM. We’ve been following their musical exploits for well over a decade now and one of the many highlights of being fans of theirs over that period has been their long-standing and quality assured Funk The World mix series.

2011 is when the series kicked off with the intent to create a platform for the wide range of eclectic Funk sounds that were around to be showcased on. Whilst a good chunk of the mixes have come from FK5’s Steve Raskin, there has also been support shown to local Washington, DC spinners and global superstars alike, who have stepped in to take the reigns from time to time with great success. Now the series has hit yet another huge milestone as it turns 60, Steve has returned in celebratory mood with a bunch of tracks that have been rocking his world and in turn, delivers one of the funkiest mixes of the lot!


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01 Tommy Stewart – Bump & Hustle Music (Shaka Loves You Edit)
02 Haynesy – Big_Mouth (Remix)
03 Liquid Spirit – 20syl Remix
04 Fort Knox Five vs. A Tribe Called Quest – Reach for the Rhyme (DC’s Finest Remix)
05 Jamie Graham – And Now Your Gone (DC’s Finest Remix Remix)
06 Lack of Afro – Take It Up A Notch (feat Wax & Herbal T)
07 Disc0beta – Down The Block
08 DJWood – PlumNuts
09 Boogie Belgique – Commodore
10 X-Ray Ted – Chopsys New Groove
11 Kibosh – Loopback ft. Timothy Wisdom
12 Mustafa Akbar – Resist (Fort Knox Five Remix)
13 Prosper & Stabfinger – Lucky Six ft. Lions Pride
14 Sugar Hill Gang – Rappers Delight feat Chali 2na (DC’s Finest Remix)
15 Anderson Paak – Am I  Wrong  (N-You-Up & Nick Studer Remix)
16 N2N – Lunch Box Boogie
17 Yung Bae – Laa La Laaa feat. Flamingosis
18 Dusty Springfield – Spooky (Jayl Funk Edit)

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