Fort Knox Five – The Brazilian Hipster + Skeewiff Remix (7″ Vinyl)

Fort Knox Five‘s career-defining track ‘The Brazilian Hipster’ is back! That’s right, you can now own, for the first time in a very long time, Fort Knox Five’s ridiculously cool tune that catapulted them skyward on their quest to ‘Funk For Peace’! As ‘The Brazilian Hipster’ has recently celebrated its 15th birthday after being released on the guys’ own label Fort Knox Recordings, the guys decided to re-release it digitally and on 7″ vinyl for the very first time!

This means that the A-side is of course all about the luxurious Latin flavour of ‘The Brazilian Hipster’ with its heavy-hitting horns, juicy Bossa Nova guitar lick and retro-future production that all come together to make track glow with good vibes. Where there’s a quality A-side though, there’s very often a B-side that stands up as an equal match and that’s exactly the case here, because you can now own Skeewiff‘s elusive (and now exclusive) remix too! His reinterpretation really sets the heart-racing thanks to the intense opening section, the all-guns-blazing tempo and that stone cold ’70s groove that you just won’t be able to get enough of!


Buy both tracks digitally or on 7″ vinyl here on Bandcamp.


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