Foul Play ‘Origins’ (Sneaker Social Club)

Sneaker Social Club present 10 of the best Hardcore & Jungle tracks ever made. All remastered classics from the back cat of rave legends, Foul Play on one album!

This rave opus begins with the original version of ‘Finest Illusion’ complete with SOS Band vocals and the dreamlike rawness that makes this track a Jungle hall of famer.

Next up is the scratches and bouncing breaks of ‘Survival’ to take you back to packed arenas, smoke and lasers and huge soundsystems, pure Dreamscape rave with throbbing bass, shades of Hip Hop and layered breaks.

‘Dubbing You’ brings the soul to the rave. A speaker smashing lesson in drum programming from back when it was done on hardware. Dubby bass fills the space between detuned bleeps before a huge soulful vocal drop, pure class!

‘The Alchemist’ offers an early taste of the darker hardcore sound that would gain popularity in 93 and of course, Jungle. The melodies are edgy and haunting with a filmscore like feel rising above the happy hardcore of the time and providing early influence for labels as diverse as Kniteforce and Moving Shadow.

Next up is two versions of ‘Feel The Vibe’ starting with the original Hip Hop on 45′ hardcore version. The synths sound 28 years ahead of their time and the vibe is pure trippy rave straight from a field in the south west of England. You can hear the Amiga in every synth and sample of this legendary rave tune.

Version 2 is late 92 to a tee as the sound once again went underground and the tempo began to rise significantly. With hands in the air riffs and wide eyed synth stabs, this is the kind of tune a young Goldie would have been raving to back in the day.

You can hear trademark Foul Play strings in ‘Screwface’, an early excursion into proto Jungle with a strong Dub Reggae influence throughout. Once again, incredible drum programming is on display for the time this track came out. A real crowd favourite and a DJs weapon of choice at the raves.

‘Origins’ features two versions of ‘Ricochet’, the first will be familiar with oldskool ravers from the rave alarm riffs to the chunky breaks that tease all the way to the lush ‘you know how to love me’ drop. For those who know, it never fails!

The ‘No Stopping’ version of Ricochet sounds like it was made for the rigs at early Fantazia raves. Dreamy melodies, Hip Hopified breaks and Garage influenced rave riffs with a dash of Korg piano for good measure!

We don’t want it to end but seeing as it has to, ‘Ragatere’ is a great way to end the party. Its all about the Ragga rave with tearout amens and Sleng Teng beat breakdowns. We love you Slipmatt but this is a thousand times better than On A Ragga Tip, a true slice of Dub Reggea Rave. Hit that link below and own a slice of rave history!

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