Four Jacks 001

DJ Boca and friends open the account for a new label with a 4 track EP of lush Breakbeat Hardcore & Hardcore Jungle.

The rave scene went through many phases and musical styles making it a treasure trove for budding producers. DJ Boca’s new EP on the new Four Jacks imprint leans towards the late 93/early 94 sound popular at venues like East London’s Four Aces Club on Dalston Lane (A coincidence?)

Track one with Porgus, ‘Watching The World Go By’ features a soulful vocal with heavy subs, shuffling amens and dreamlike pianos in a
dreamlike, early hours fashion and subtle allusions to the 94 Jungle explosion.

‘Glisten’ also with Porgus leans even further into the Ragga Jungle 94 style with pitched amens and alternating breaks plus Ragga vox, keeping it rave centric with Landlord stabs. The jungle comes alive again further on with ethereal drops and timestretched vocals before another round of Landlord stabbage.

‘Theory of Anything’ once again successfully combines strains of early inteligent Jungle a la Foul Play, Bukem with Ragga Rave stabs
that flow seamlessly into one badboy roller!

‘Chillrave’ with Ambassador Boomstick slows it down to a 1991 tempo for an amen break driven lucid dream of floaty pads and hazy strings on the deeper
side of Hardcore with future facing chord progressions and excellent drum wizardry.

Four Jacks 001 is available on Vinyl and Digital. A fine addition to the current Hardcore Rave revival that offers something different in the form of four really cleverly produced and addictive tracks. Released 08/06/2020

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