Frankie Bones – Unreleased Joints

The legendary Frankie Bones returns to the Ozone label with some unreleased joints!

I Can Feel It flows with a dark energy that epitomises the early rave era. Looped vocals and a constant refrain to ‘remain calm’ and ‘do not leave the dancefloor’ adds to t he urgency as does the electro tinged beats and haunting riffs.

1000 Miles is the sound of the afterparty or the weary drive home post rave. A slower beat and wistful chords conjure up up visions if not memeories of the transatlantic rave movement from Detroit and Chicago to London, Sheffield and Manchester.

Invasion returns us to the dancefloor of 89/90 era rave land with a phat beat and industrial FX with an eerie vocal refrain and hypnotic rhythmic patterns

Ragga Acid has the feel of early Shut Up and Dance/Ragga Twins with Frankie’s unique style and crisp production. A bulky proto-hardcore beat dominates with shards of amen break and 303s and menacing vocals that seem to emenate from a dark corner of the rave by the speakers and reverberate across the room.

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