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We’ve brought you quite a few albums now where a label will dig into its archives to collect together a selection of tracks and then pick out a few clear favourites to be compiled on an album to showcase what it’s all about. One of those labels that has gone a done that very thing is the legendary Freestyle Records, but instead of picking out a few its favourite tracks from its highly prized and top quality back catalogue, it seems like the decision was made to just put all the music harvested on one album! That has resulted in Freestyle Records releasing ‘Funk!’ a mind-blowingly good 40 track compilation album that’s had a come and get me price of £10 slapped on it and if that somehow hasn’t got you hitting the buy link, the music will make no mistake about that!

Normally, I’d have a handful of favourite tracks to share with you from a compilation album I’m blogging but this time, however, it is simply an impossible task to pick out favourites because of all of the music ticks all of the boxes and represents Funk in its finest form. Every track hits you with its own unique blast of positivity that becomes quite addictive the more you listen. Some of the bands responsible for bringing so much joy into the world include the new wave of Funk pioneers such as Speedometer, The Sound Stylistics, The Andy Tolman Cartel, The Apples, Soulive and Deep Street Soul, plus true legends of the scene Fred Wesley, Robert Moore and Martha High.

If this outstanding selection of music has still has you yearning for more once you’ve taken it all in, Freestyle Records Bandcamp page will keep you fully entertained for some considerable time. Pay it a visit and let those good times roll!


Buy all of the music here on Bandcamp.


Links for Freestyle Records :

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