FRENCH PLATES 2018 by DNB France (Free Album)

Just like clockwork, a new year starts and another huge selection of homegrown talent is assembled with weapons at the ready for DNB France’s annual ‘French Plates’ compilation album series. It’s no secret that the French love to dish up some ‘pukka tukka’ and the same can be said when it comes to making Drum n Bass to, as the class of 2018 are here to prove.

Now this isn’t a small snippet into the world of French D n B, oh no, because what we have here are 25 tracks that take us from deep and Liquid vibes to Halftime and Neurofunk with all other angles covered in between.

DNB France, if you’ve not guessed already, is about promoting the very best D n B talent that gets caught in their net that gets cast over the whole country. Established artists like Kantyze, Bobby DnB, REDPILL, Dephas8 and Void One, welcome onto the album a bunch of rising stars, with a few of those being Trail, Dee Tones, Hydrolikz, Dialekt and Substense. It’s a spectacular effort from all involved and with the quality of the music being so high from start to finish on the album, it’s hard to differentiate between the old guard and the new wave of producer, which can only be a good thing for D n B as a whole.

If you’re an ardent D n B fan from any country in the world, you’ll definitely appreciate the platter of music DNB France has put together for you and just in case you missed it, the music is all yours for free!


Download ‘French Plates 2018’ for free or pay what you like here on Bandcamp.


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