French Plates 2020 (DNB France)

It’s that time of year again where DNB France brings us its annual French Plates compilation and just like the four gone before, there are another 20 free tracks to be snapped up to bolster your armoury of DnB weapons!

The French Plates series, on the whole, showcases a lot of rising stars from within the French DnB scene who find themselves sitting alongside more established producers and the odd international visitor from time to time. The 2020 edition, however, is all about French producers and just like all of the other albums, a strong representation of sub-genres that branch off from the DnB core can be heard including Liquid, Jump-up, Neurofunk and Halfstep.

Starting at the Liquid end of the spectrum, you can hear of fine examples of that style by Treex with the stunning Debrown, Hocseat‘s uplifting Rainbow and Hazqa‘s deep roller The Lake. If you like things darker and bit more intense, look out for Oxius‘ snarling Lab Rat, LDST‘s pulsating Mind’s Thrill, Feetwan‘s twisted Illusion and the raw as f*ck Entering The Grid by Dephas8. There’s a couple of peak-time slammers to be found also with Bobby stepping up with the earth-shattering The Last Breath feat. Miss Understood and Nickolson‘s roof-raising Go Fast and should you like a bit of Funk woven into your DnB, Dee Tones fun yet fiery Funk It Up will cater for your needs quite nicely.

Be sure to get stuck into the rest of the music on offer because there might just be stunner lying in wait that we’ve not mentioned. DnB fans, the floor is yours…


Download ‘French Plates 2020’ for free or pay what you like here.


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