Funk Edwards – Streaker + Remixes (Applique Music)

Funk Edwards is the brand new alias of London’s Dj XS. We’re sure many of you will already be familiar with his Funk and Disco edits under his original guise because we’ve featured a ton of them on the ward before. Under his Funk Edwards guise though he’s heading down a Breakbeat route and opens his account with the superb ‘Streaker’ on Manchester’s independent imprint¬†Applique Music. Dropping in at 132bpm, his new tune has that infectious funky groove you’d have found being released on the legendary Breakbeat label Finger Lickin’ Records back in the day. It’s a real class act and your Breaks sets should never be without it!

The show doesn’t stop there folks because there’s a couple of quality remixes in tow from Jet Boot Jack and Pecoe. Jet Boot Jack is well known for his blisteringly hot Disco House remixes and it’s more of the same with his high-energy, peak-time driven take on ‘Streaker’. Pecoe brings the original tune down to 118bpm with his Breaks remix but if anything, he amplifies the funk to speaker melting levels. What a real trio of treats this has turned out to be!


Buy all of the music here on Beatport.

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