Funkin’ Basstards – People Under the Snare EP

Funkin’ Basstards is a newly formed duo and a new signing for the mighty Timewarp Music. The Greek pairing of El Zag (Sampling, Beats, Mixing and Production) and Parzialakos (Electric Bass, Drum Programming, Arrangement & Production) are here with one mission only, to funk up your world by any means possible and their new 2 track EP ‘People Under The Snare’ does just that.

The first track to be found is the title track and this is the one for your Funk party. Funkin’ Basstards on production duties, Kid Stretch applying his turntable skills, lush soulful tones from Selectah Kats, Pete Lago doin’ his thang on electric guitar and you have a track fizzes with Funk and will have the dance floor bubbling with energy.

The second track ‘Chic Sick’ is much more geared towards the after party. This smooth groove will have the roughness from the nights exploits ebb away and leave you feeling refreshed and ready for possibly part two of the weekend.

There’s much more to come from this funkin’ duo, so hit em up on the links below.


Buy ‘People Under The Snare’ EP here on Bandcamp.


Links for Funkin’ Basstrads :

Soundcloud / Facebook

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