Funky Boogie Brothers – Fresh Mango Beats EP

Funky Boogie Brothers always bring smiles to our faces when they stop by the ward with new music. Their Bboy approach to their Breakbeat sound always leaves you wanting more and to solve that problem this time, they dropped this fruity 3 track EP ‘Fresh Mango Beats’.

The first track of this triple layered Breakbeat treat is the sugar coated ‘Nothing But A Heartache Everyday’ that really pops with a vibrancy that’ll have you hooked. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find the Latin-infused ‘Hold Up’ that’s has a richness you’ll find impossible not to admire. The final layer is the truly luxurious ‘Surrender’ that offers a warming note with its jazzy tones.


Buy the ‘Fresh Mango Beats’ EP here on Bandcamp.


Links for the Boogie Brothers :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Bandcamp

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