Funky Boogie Brothers – Old School Reload w/ Rory Hoy Remix

On inspection, it has become evident that it has been way too long since we’ve brought you the always lively Breakbeat sounds of the Funky Boogie Brothers, so, to put that right, we bring you their brand new single ‘Old School Reload’ with a remix in tow from their and our good friend Rory Hoy.

If the Funky Boogie Brothers intention was to ignite a dancefloor with their new single, they’ve absolutely nailed their brief! ‘Old School Reload’ is a track full of life thanks to the razor-sharp and infectious drums, an edgy buzzsaw b-line and sampled vocals that dial up the hype. Things get real intense around the halfway point and if you’re not throwing moves of some kind by that point, you may need to check your pulse! Rory gives the original a funky and acidic twist and you can be sure his Big Beat remix will create just as much carnage on the floor. Get ’em while they’re hot!


Buy both tracks here on Bandcamp.


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