Funky Destination – I Do Voodoo (New Album) [Timewarp Music]

Generously packed with 17 incredibly infectious tracks, Funky Destination’s brand new album ‘I Do Voodoo’ has all the magic ingredients to be ranked as one of the best albums the summer of 2021 has to offer! A Funk and Breaks led album it most definitely is, but also expect to hear Blues, Dub, Latin and Soul influences throughout.

Croatian based Funky Destination is a producer who has always been inspired by the funky sound of the ’70s and in the music he makes, he extracts the raw essence of that era and remoulds with a contemporary twist so that his music can transcend the age gap and bring lovers of Funk from all ages together as one. His music productions are always laced with glorious funk grooves, sublime basslines, vintage drums & breaks, soulful melodies and brilliant brass sections and when those elements all come together as they do on his new album, shards of sunlight are created that shine so bright, all you’ll want to do is bask in their glow.

With such an abundance of feel-good music to listen to, Funky Destination has compiled a tracklist to cater for the needs of anyone who takes the time to tune in. If it’s music with a cool and laidback feel that you prefer for your downtime sessions, the smooth and soulful album opener/title track is a great place to start. Dubwise tracks such as ‘Dubby Brother from Jamaica’ and ‘Like A Lion’ only intensify the easy-going vibes, just like the funked-out duo of ‘Mo’s Town’ and ‘The Wicked One’ do too.

Should you require music with the energy to motivate and take you to the dancefloor even, you’re going to be in good shape also. ‘Soul Panama’ is the highest tempo track on the album and the horns on this funky groover literally set the airwaves alight! The Latin flavour ‘Mojito Beach’ will have hips rotating out of control while ‘Get On Top’ will have feet shufflin’ the shine off the floor. The track of the album for me personally goes to ‘It’s In The Music’. Opening with a blast classic House piano, the track evolves into a classic Breaks roller that’s gonna sound damn sweet being blasted across a festival field this summer.

‘I Do Voodoo’ is out now on the brilliant Timewarp Music label, both digitally and on CD from the link below. You might also be pleased to know that this is Funky Destination’s seventh studio album! To check out what you’ve missed if you’ve just become a new fan, find his music here on Timewarp’s Bandcamp page.


Buy ‘I Do Voodoo’ here on Bandcamp.


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