Funky French League – Disco Weaponz Vol. 3

The Funky French League are a collective of producers from France who love to put their personal touch on classic Disco gems from the scene’s heyday and re-imagine them in such a way that their spot on their aptly titled “Disco Weaponz” EP series is completely justified.

We catch up with the collective with the recent release of the third instalment of their EP series and the four tracks found on it will most definitely make you want to go and investigate volumes one and two after you’ve had your fix of the current quartet of dazzling Disco delights.

It’s time to get down from the off as Monsieur Willy freshens up and dials up the Disco of Crown Heights Affair’s horn-ladened “Rock The World”. Woody Braun‘s lively and uplifting rework of “Ease On Down The Road” by Michael Jackson and Diana Ross will absolutely get the attention of those who intend to leave it all on the dancefloor, just as Young Pulse does with his smooth and groove-heavy rework of Jaques Renault’s “Can’t Nobody Love Me”. Arthur Chaps completes the awesome collection of “Disco Weaponz” and after cranking up the bpm in his synth-ladened re-edit of Sunshine Rockers’ “Walking On Sunshine”, he makes sure our want to keep dancing remains to the very last second! Hot stuff and if you like it like that, go get em!

Buy all of the music here on Bandcamp.

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