Funky Vibes UK: JEAN JACQUES SMOOTHIE Guest Mix (French House Classics) [Free DL]

Funky Vibes UK welcomed legendary House producer Jean Jacques Smoothie to its popular YouTube channel during the lockdown times and because I missed his guest mix and it very recently surfacing on Soundcloud, here is Jean Jacques mix of French House classics for your listening pleasure! Many trips down memory lane will be had while enjoying the high-energy treats in this one!

If you’re loving what you’re hearing, head on over to Funky Vibes UK YouTube channel to check out many more great mixes by Clicking Here. It’s a move you’ll not regret!

Download for free here.

Links for Jean Jaques Smoothie :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Website / Bandcamp / YouTube


1. Louise La Roche – Malfunction
2. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Intro
3. Daft Punk – Digital Love
4. Super Funk – Lucky Star
5. Cassius – Sound of Violence (Narcotic Thrust Remix)
6. St. Germain – So Flute
7. Alex Gopher – Party People
8. Jean Jacques Smoothie – Disco Lights
9. Mr. Ozio – Flat Beat
10. Agrume – Spin It
11. Etienne de Crecy – Prix Choc
12. Jean Jacques Smoothie – 2People (DCUP Remix)
13. Together – So Much Love (Archigram Mix)
14. Bob Sinclair – Gym Tonic
15. Bart & Baker – Communication
16. Sedat the Turkish Avenger – Fist Funk
17. Dynamo Dresden – So it Seems (Big Disco Mix)
18. Pierre de la Touche – Coconut

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