Future Funk Squad & The Crystal Method – Lock Down (Plump DJs Remix)

When you see Future Funk Squad, The Crystal Method and Plump DJs all together in the title on the same track, you can be left under no illusion that epicness of the Breakbeat variety awaits!

Lock Down – a track by FFS and TCM – was the second track to be announced as featuring on Future Funk Squad’s forthcoming album Unified Forms that’s due out on the 1st Feb ’21 on InExtinct Records. The hard-as-nails track is also the one that the Plump Djs were invited to remix and keeping the bass-heavy approach of the original in place, they apply a rave-influenced twist that would have us ravers reaching for the skies and thanking whatever spirit it was that helped to make the magical moment that is taking place happen, if we were able to do so of course! We will dance again party people and when we do, I hope I’m by some of your sides when this beauty drops so we can go absolutely nuts together!

If you decide to hit the link below to buy Plump’s remix, you’ll also spot that you can buy the original version of Lock Down and the first single from Unified Forms, 3 Dimensions feat Stu Brootal. If you head over to Future Funk Squad’s Bandcamp page, you can listen to two remixes by two bonafide Breakbeat legends, Bassbin Twins and Backdraft and if you are a Breakbeat fan, a listen to both of those is an absolute must!


Buy Plump DJs remix here.


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