Gav Ley- The Day We Died

Dark, post apocalyptic jungle breaks from the insanely talented Gav Ley with ‘The Day We Died’ On Top Drawer Digital

It’s 2058, the earth is a scorched desert in the midst of a nuclear summer. The last remaining survivors lie in wait to ambush anyone with something to eat or drink. The soundtrack to this desolate dystopian nightmare is a soundtrack of broken beats, junglist ruffism, radioactive shots of bass and solar flare synth stabs. The composer of this beautiful nightmare is Gav Ley and the good news is you don’t have to wait til 2058 to get it, it’s out now c/o Top Drawer Digital, buy it, play it all full volume and make ’em feel the bass!

Buy Gav Ley ‘The Day We Died’ on Beatport

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